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 Our company     August 20, 2018  

AGAKURE’s mission consists of providing companies and organizations with strategic information in the context of litigation or for preventive purposes. Strategic intelligence is real-time, tailored, qualitative information essential for preventing and eliminating a large number of economic, legal, financial and commercial risks.

AGAKURE assists your legal, HR, finance, sales and marketing, export and purchasing departments. We operate in Rixensart as well as in Lima, coordinating the work of professionals in our network in Belgium and internationally.

What distinguishes us is the use of Human Intelligence, which is information coming from physical persons and not exclusively based on numbers and data bases. AGAKURE obtains this information in the field by asking the right person the right question.

We do not replace traditional commercial information providers. Instead, we complement them by the filling in the gaps and providing qualitative, real-time information on the functioning, the risk level, and the identity of your current and future business partners.


What numbers do not reveal is information coming directly from a client, a supplier, a co-worker or a banker.


A standard commercial and financial report is an important element. However, it is insufficient. A company report never explains how and why things happen.


• Why the increase of capital and where does it come from?

• Which are the main strengths of competitor’s sales team?

• The annual results are impeccable but this new client is considered to be a bad payer. Is it true?

• How does this new distributor sell his products ?

• How did your former accountant manage to misappropriate your funds?

Our clients

We work exclusively for companies and organisations.

We are pleased to accept missions on the part of lawyers and fiduciaries on condition that a dialogue can be set up between Agakure and the final client.

If you are an individual, there are two scenarios in which Agakure might assist you:

  • Your child has been a victim of parent kidnapping and you wish to locate him or her as quickly as possible.
  • You wish to locate a member of your family or a relative.

In either of these two cases do not hesitate to contact us; even should you lack financial means. Each case is assessed and some are accepted on a pro bono basis.

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