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Case - Foreign distributor's reliability

Our company is about to conclude a contract with an Italian distributor. Official documents and afinancial analysis indicate strong solidity. However, the numbers we obtained are from last fiscal year. We want to be certain who we are dealing with. Is it possible to obtain a real-time financial evaluation? Read more

Case - Misappropriation of clients

One of our R&D engineers has recently left the company. She was working on a sensitive project and we fear that she might finalise the project through her own company. Read more

Case - Locating legal successors

We are a manufacturer of reproduction designer furniture. Our intention is to produce and market an “Art Deco” table created by a Belgian designer who passed away in the Congo in 1934. Prior to doing so we need to contact his family members and legal successors. Read more


Case - Competition analysis

Our main competitors, just like us, offer tailored tariffs. We would like to know what their strengths and weaknesses are. Read more

Case - Client solvency

One of our oldest clients is starting to delay payments. For the time being it is not serious, but we would like to know whether we are taking a risk in working with them, and of course, we would like to go about it discretely. Read more

Case - Supply chain mapping

Our organisation has discovered imported toys non-compliant with an EU Regulations circulating on the market. It is very important that we trace the origin and the supply chain in order to end the imports.

Case - Locating defaulting debtors and asset discovery

Our former financial director embezzled funds for years. He has been convicted before the court but is officially insolvent. We are convinced that his insolvency is fraudulent. What can we do to prove it and recover the sum due? Read more

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