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Case - Asset discovery

A sales representative I hired has left the company, taking with him the company car and laptop. He was convicted in Belgium, but according to sources, is living in Spain. It’s possible that he owns real estate there. Is it possible to track him down? Which strategy should I apply in order to recover what he owes me?

Locating defaulting debtors and asset discovery

A debtor is unaccounted for and you wish to locate him or her. You are perfectly aware of the fact that locating the debtor is merely the first step. There may be legal action or an extra-judicial settlement.

AGAKURE will not only locate the debtor in question but will also evaluate its solvency level, providing you with information such as:

  • Sources of income
  • Movable and immovable property
  • Directorship and shareholdings

Should you opt for legal action, it is crucial to have full knowledge of the amount and whereabouts of the debtor’s assets, at the risk of not being able to enforce the payment order. In complex cases, AGAKURE is able to assist with gathering evidence of fraudulent insolvency.


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