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Competition analysis

Knowing ones competitors is crucial. Certain company directors believe themselves to be noble by refusing to look at what their neighbor is doing. There is nothing noble about being ignorant.

It is not about spying on your competitor in order to copy his work. It is about staying informed in order not to lag behind.

You already do this thanks to media and information you gather at trade shows, or from your staff. AGAKURE helps you enrich that information and use it.

It is interesting to know what your competitors are doing, but what is crucial is to know why clients prefer their products or services, and what they do not like. That is particularly useful information.

We can obtain information on the following elements

At AGAKURE, we are able to help you analyse your competitors at different levels, locally just as well as internationally:


  • Marketing strategy
  • Pricing policy
  • Updates on innovation and new Intellectual and Industrial Property registrations
  • Reputation
  • Identification and client profiling
  • Identification and supplier profiling
  • Skills and competences of sales teams
  • What your competitors say about you at trade shows and expos
  • Monitoring competitors’ presence at trade shows and collecting informative material theydistribute
  • Compliance (conflict of interest); linking competitors with political figures and public decision makers
  • Procurement applications

We transform this information into practical and concrete recommendations.

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