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Misappropriation of clients

Losing a client is unpleasant, but it is also a part of the economic game. However, if it is your own sales people who conduct sales on behalf of your competitors or on behalf of themselves, that is unacceptable situation.

AGAKURE allows you to find out whether your doubts are well-founded or not.


Lately I have become worried and I have the impression that one of our sales representatives is working for a competitor, where he is selling his own products.

It is of course very important to make the distinction between pure competition, which is not only legal, but healthy, and diversion of clients, which involves an act contrary to honest commercial practices. This practice can take many different forms.

Agakure advises you as to the legal understanding of the phenomenon, and in resolving the problem.

Some cases of illegal diversion of clients occur when, for example, a company denigrates you in various venues. We collect evidence of these practices in order to stop them.

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